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When you are playing D&D with two players, effects that keep the players from taking actions can have a devastating effect and can easily lead to a TPK. So you can either avoid monsters that daze, dominate, petrify, etc. your players. Or you change the way these conditions work.

For example, you could allow dominated characters a saving throw for each action they are forced to perform. If one succeeds, he can perform the action himself. Or maybe better let the dominating creature have to make an attack vs. Will instead of the saving throw.

Or replace the dazed condition by the following:

  • -2 on attack rolls
  • slowed
  • can’t take immediate or opportunity actions
  • grants combat advantage
  • can’t flank

This is a first sketch of a part of the guide to playing D&D with only two or three players, that I’m currently working on. Please tell me what you think about it in the comments.

Image by Dariog136 licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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