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They’re moving so fast

You are playing D&D with only two or three players, but don’t like always having to reduce the number or level of monsters they have to fight? What about giving them a way to act on two initiative counts?

What about giving them access, for example, to magical boots, which grant them the following power:

Power (Daily): Minor Action. Roll for initiative a second time. Until the end of the encounter, you act twice every round, on your original initiative and on the newly rolled one.

So you get two standard actions, two move actions and two minor actions in total. You still only have one standard action per turn, but now you have two turns per round. On each of this turns, you get regeneration, saving throws and so on, but you also receive ongoing damage and nasty effects that happen on the start of your turn. Effects that last “until the end of your next turn”, or similar, should still last one full initiative round, though. So they will last until the end of the turn after your next turn.

Although this doubles your actions and some benefits, it also increases the power of ongoing damage and other longer-lasting effects on you. So this magical item is some kind of a double-edged sword. Nevertheless, a party, which is equipped with this item or has access to this power by some other way, can easily fight a larger number of foes.

This is a first sketch of a part of the guide to playing D&D with only two or three players, that I’m currently working on. Please tell me what you think about it in the comments.

Image by Provinciaal Historisch Centrum Zuid-Holland Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag.

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