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Cold as ice

Today, I’m going to steal an idea from Jeff’s Gameblog. Jeff started a series named “One Issue Campaign”, where he takes an old Dungeon magazine and tries to build an entire campaign by squeezing “every possible of iota of usable information out of that magazine and nothing else to flesh out a campaign”, as he explains it.

I’m not going to build an entire campaign, but I will try to get some useful ideas out of the old Dungeon magazines that are gathering dust here. The first issue that I grabbed was #76 from 1999. The cover, which shows a warrior fighting some kind of ice monster in the snow, reminded me of a list I put together a while ago.

In that list I had collected some ideas for adventures in ice and snow. I never finished that list, but now that I am aware again that it exists, I will continue working on it. Until I have finished it, here are some ideas for usable terrain from that list:

  • a sheet of ice that you can make crack by a forceful step
  • icicles that you can make falling down on your enemies
  • setting off an avalanche

If you have any ideas for adventures in ice and snow, feel free to discuss them in the comments.

Let’s see, what ideas I can get from the actual content of the magazine…

Picture by Alan Vernon under a Creative Commons license.

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