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Infinite monsters

Today, I will continue to browse through issue #76 of Dungeon magazine looking for inspiration. I started to do so two weeks ago in the article “Cold as Ice”, where I was looking at the magazine’s cover.

No I will risk a look inside. On the inside of the cover, there is an ad for a video game – “Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu”. Never heard of it. Should I know it?

Anyway, the headline of the ad reads “Infinite monsters” reminds me of an adventure I’ve run. There was some kind of portal in a dungeon, where nasty monsters came slipping through. They would not stop coming through until the portal would be closed. But the players had no clue yet, how to close the portal. So they decided to collect everything, with which they could jam the portal: doors, tables, etc. So the monsters would be held back for a while, and the players had enough time to find a way to close the portal.

So there actually was an infinite number of monsters, with which the players had to cope. There are other ways, the players could be faced with a number of monsters way to high to fight. An entire army, for example, besieging a city. Anyway, I think, confronting the players with “infinite monsters” is a great way to challenge their creativity.

What do you think?

Picture by Fantasy Art under CC licence.

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