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Background music

Do you use background music in your roleplay sessions?

I don’t.

But that’s only because I never managed to put together a decent playlist. There is some old but good advice for Creating Simple, Deep Playlists for RPG Background Music on Gnome Stew.

I don’t share the author’s view on soundtracks, though. Martin Ralya says “Soundtracks are your friends. Movie, TV, and video game soundtracks are generally the best source of RPG background music.”

He is certainly right that they are meant to be played in the background, and that they give you a good mix of calm and thrilling tracks. But people will always have the movie in their minds and will get distracted. At least that’s my experience. If you want to give soundtracks a try, have a look at this list on Gnome Stew or at that list.

I suggest a different source of music though. Royalty-free music like that found on Jamendo. It’s free (and legal), and it won’t distract your players.

For example, check out the music of the Celestial Aeon Project. Matti Paalanen describes his project like this: “Celestial Aeon Project is a pure soundtrack project that publishes instrumental, orchestral background soundscapes. General atmosphere and visual feel lead to fantasy worlds and to the realm of the role playing games.” – Perfect!

You can listen to some songs here:

Or just visit the project’s page on Jamendo. You can download all songs for free.

Have you ever used free music in your roleplay sessions? If so, please share your playlists in the comments.

Sheet music picture by Enrique Leyva under a Creative Commons license.

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This work, unless otherwise expressly stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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