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During the game, your players will have to make many choices. Should they take the left path or the right? Sometimes, the consequences of a choice will be quite clear. But even if they are not, the players still don’t know what would have happened if they had taken the other path.

How can you show them?

Here are some ideas for the case when your players really have to choose between left and right at some crossroads, between two different paths to their goal.

Something might happen on the other path, which can be perceived from the players’ point of view. Maybe there’s an explosion. Or suddenly all animals flee from the other path, and the players suddenly find themselves in a herd of deer.

The other path itself may even be visible from the path the players have chosen. This could be the case in the mountains, where the players can choose between a way over the mountains and a way through the valley. And from there, they can see what ever they would have encountered in the other way.

What else could you do to show the players what would have happened?

Image: Footpath crossroads, Aconbury Woods (Roger Cornfoot) / CC BY-SA 2.0

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