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Do you want to create new monsters or tweak existing ones without having to do all the math?
Do you want to print stat blocks of your creations or of published monsters for easy reference during your gaming session?

Or do you want to create an electronic character sheet with all your powers and all the information you need?
An electronic character sheet that lets you easily mark powers as used, and that lets you regain your powers after a short or extended rest automatically?
An electronic sheet that also includes a dice roller?

For this and probably much more, there is Power2ool. And: it’s free! If you want to use published monsters or powers without typing them in by yourself, then you need an active DDI subscription, though.

It is a really great tool! It’s a web app, so you don’t have to install anything. You only need a Flash plugin for your browser. The only drawback I found so far is that it doesn’t really work on mobile devices, because you need the shift key and the space bar to edit things and to switch between workspaces.

Have a look at these videos, which give you a first impression, what you can do with the tool. They are more than half a year old, so probably some things have changed by now. (News and changes are published on this website and on twitter.

Power2ool prototype from double wumpus on Vimeo.

Power2ool: The Space Browser from double wumpus on Vimeo.

Power2ool: Automatic Stats for Monsters from double wumpus on Vimeo.

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