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You probably already escaped from prison several times. At least a D&D character you played did.

But have you ever tried to get into jail instead of out of it? I haven’t. So here are some ideas.


First of all, why would you want to break in? Here are four reasons to do this. If you come up with more, please tell the world in a comment.

The first and probably most obvious reason is that there is someone in jail, and you want to help him escape.

A second and similar reason might be that there is some item that you want to retrieve. An item that some prisoner carries with him, or maybe even an item that is hidden somewhere in a cell.

Maybe a prisoner has some information that you need, or he can help you in some other way with your errands.

Or you just want do hide. And what is a better place to hide than prison?


Now that you know, why you need to get in, the question is how to do this. Here are some ideas. (Of course, not all ways to get in work with all reasons to get in…) Again, if you know more ways, tell us.

The easiest way to get into prison is to commit a crime, of course. But this is not as simple as it might sound. If you steal something of low value compared to your wealth, the guards might question the reasons for your theft. If you kill an innocent man, your reputation will be severely damaged. So you would have to find just the right level of crime to do this.

Another way is to bribe the prison guards. That’s easy, but the guards will know what you did.

If you have time, you can try to get a job in prison, as a guard or in the kitchen.

Maybe someone already escaped this prison through a tunnel, and this tunnel still exists. Of course, the tunnel has been closed, but only from the prison side. The other side is well hidden, but still open. So you’d only have to dig a little bit…

Maybe you can manage to exchange prisoners with yourself.

If it is possible to visit the prisoners, maybe not all of you leave afterwards. Maybe you manage to have some of you locked in.

If you have ever tried to do something like this, or have any other comments, please tell me. :)

Prison cell image published under a Creative Commons license by Jon Dawson.

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