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About Twoddr

Twoddr has the goal to assist D&D DMs in difficult situations, e. g., when

  • playing with beginners,
  • playing with only two or three people.

About me

I started creating game worlds just after my first contact with D&D when I was twelve. From that time on, I would let my parents drive me to the next game store 70km away to buy adventures, rule supplements and novels. I’d let them copy sheets of hexagonal paper, on which I’d draw maps of lands that should never be seen by anyone else but me.

It wasn’t until about 10 years later—the time of D&D 3.5—when I started playing D&D regularly, or DMing to be precise, because most of the time I was the DM. I still love creating adventures, stories and all that stuff that makes a great roleplaying experience.

But there is only so much time you can spend playing. So most of my ideas would again never be seen. And those ideas and adventures that really were played, would be used only once. That’s a waste of effort, I thought, and decided to create this site to bring this material to you.

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