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‘News’ Articles

Like it is ’93

It’s in German, and not really relevant for this blog, as it is an introduction to D&D. But one of my D&D players got interviewed for the podcast Like it is ’93. So I thought I’d just drop the link here.



I never thought this would happen, but it did. There finally is a simple way to launch the D&D Character Builder under Linux.

I used to boot Windows in a virtual machine, which always was a nuisance. But now there is a way to launch the Character Builder in Linux browsers.

The problem was that ¬†Wizards of the Coast used Microsoft’s Silverlight to program the Builder. And Silverlight was not available for Linux. It still isn’t available, but with Pipelight there is a way to use it anyway, If I understand it correctly, Pipelight somehow uses Wine to emulate a windows browser in the background and shows the result in your Linux browser. But those technicalities actually don’t matter, because it’s integrated so seamlessly as if it was a native Silverlight plugin.

Probably you’re not interested in these technicalities anyway, so here’s a guide how to install pipelight under Ubuntu.

Bad news

As you might have noticed, I stopped to update this blog. :(

I won’t continue to post regularly in the foreseeable future, and I’ll postpone the completion of the guide for playing D&D with 2 or 3 players. The reasons for this are manifold. :D (If you want to know, write me an email or a tweet.)

If you don’t want to miss the occasional post which I might publish once in a while, keep subscribed to my feed or keep following me on twitter.

No new post this week

I’m sorry, I didn’t have time to prepare a new post for this week, because I hade several couch surfers staying at my place the last days (actually weeks). CouchSurfing is a really great way of travelling and meeting new people, so check it out!


Merry Christmas

I wish you all a merry Christmas!

There will be no new posts anymore this year due to the holidays.

So I already wish you a happy new year… ;)

Picture by under a Creative Commons License.

No news is good news

No news is good news – well, not always. There will be no post this week, I’m sorry. Please check back next week.

I’ll be back

I am sorry about the long time without any new content here, but I moved to another city and also was travelling for some weeks. But I promise you, that there will appear new content in at most two weeks.

Summer break

I am sorry to tell you that there will be no new posts here for at least the next two or three months. But as far as I can foretell the future, I will have more time to write after that break. So look forward to at least weekly posts starting in August or September.


Today’s article will be delayed due to a fully planned weekend. Please check back later this week.

No news

Sorry, no new post today due to the easter holidays. Check back next week.

Image by Carissa GoodNCrazy under a Creative Commons Licence.

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