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I never thought this would happen, but it did. There finally is a simple way to launch the D&D Character Builder under Linux.

I used to boot Windows in a virtual machine, which always was a nuisance. But now there is a way to launch the Character Builder in Linux browsers.

The problem was that ¬†Wizards of the Coast used Microsoft’s Silverlight to program the Builder. And Silverlight was not available for Linux. It still isn’t available, but with Pipelight there is a way to use it anyway, If I understand it correctly, Pipelight somehow uses Wine to emulate a windows browser in the background and shows the result in your Linux browser. But those technicalities actually don’t matter, because it’s integrated so seamlessly as if it was a native Silverlight plugin.

Probably you’re not interested in these technicalities anyway, so here’s a guide how to install pipelight under Ubuntu.